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Memorial Update From Percy Potts

KOYLI Memorial Statue

Ladies and Gentlemen, in July 2016 I contacted the Norwegian Embassy in London with regard to a donation to our appeal. The connection between Norway and the KOYLI was through the Norwegian Campaign in 1941. The campaign was not a great success and we lost a large number of soldiers whose Graves are today tended by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. One of the Battle Honours on our Regimental Colours is ‘NORWAY’. The connection was obvious and on 4th July 2017, exactly 1 year after our appeal was launched, I received a letter from the Norwegian Ministry of Defence in Oslo, this is what they said:

“ The Ministry of Defence acknowledges the idea of the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Memorial Monument. The Monument will indeed be a visual symbol of the liberation of Europe and an important reminder of the values of peace. We are ever grateful for the support the soldiers of the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry gave to the defence of Norway during World War 2.

The Ministry is therefore pleased to announce that we have decided to support the project with £8,000”.

This is a considerable and welcome donation which goes a long way toward helping complete our Dedication ceremony costs. A good result.




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