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Mr Geoffrey Eric Taylor - Late KOYLI and RMP

It is with great sadness that I have to inform members that Mr Geoffrey Eric Taylor passed away on 21 Apr 2022 aged 72

Geoffrey, known as SIXS due to being 6ft 4in tall, enlisted in 1965 with the KOYLI serving as a Bugler. He later transferred to the RMP and was discharged from the Army in 1979. He is described in his discharge book as a tall, quiet nature man, capable and intelligent.

Our thoughts and condolences at the sad time are with Geoffrey's family, and his friends.


As the bugle sounds 'No More Parades' and you take your place in the FRV,

Rest in Peace Geoffrey.

Cede Nullis

Exemplo ducemus.


Association members are invited to attend the funeral and the Wake. The family have not requested a Bugler and Standard Bearer.

  • Date and time: 16 May 22 at 15:00 hrs

  • Location: Grenoside Crematorium, 5 Skew Lane, Sheffield, S35 8RZ

Anyone wishing to send cards or letters of condolence is requested to send them to the Rifles Regional Office at Minden House marked FAO family of Geoffrey Taylor. Office staff will then forward them to the family.

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