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Lord St Oswald's Remembrance Parade and Service 6 Nov 22

Lord St Oswald's Annual Remembrance Parade and Service in the grounds of Nostell Priory returns to its pre-pandemic format this weekend. Our Standard Bearers will be on parade as will buglers of The Minden House Buglers. Association members are invited to attend.

The parade and service will be held of Sunday 6 Nov 22, the timings and programme are as follows:

13:30 - Parade to muster in front of Nostell Priory. Parade marshal to co-ordinate.

13:45 - Parade move off under control of Parade marshal.

14:10 - Parade arrives at the Church Band enter and leave Church by South Door. Guests ushered into the Church. (Guests to stand when clergy enter Church

President, LL and Mayor of Wakefield led into Church by Clergy

14:15 - Church service following printed Order of Service – approximately 1 hour

15:15 - Church service ends

15:20 - Parade re-forms outside the Church

15:25 - Parade move off under control of Parade marshal.

15:50 - Parade arrives in front of Nostell Priory. Parade re-forms past Nostell Priory and then marches past the house to give salute and eyes-right. No one to leave the parade until fallen -out

16:00 - Disperse to Orangery

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