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Korean Conflict Commemoration 24 Jun 21

The following message and FAQ document has been published on behalf of the British Korean Society and they are the point of contact for any further information.

Greetings one and all,

I hope I am finding you all well and in particular, safe.

This last year has been a challenge to us all, I commend your fortitude in fighting the good fight in maintaining your drive in maintaining your museum’s collections, we will soon be up and running again where we might be able to apply some learnings from our experiences, and use them for the good of all.

You might recall that last year there was to be a commemoration of the Korean conflict to be hosted at the NAM and remotely in Museums, this has thankfully been brought to the light again now that restrictions are being slowly lifted and your assistance would be most gratefully received.

At the time I drafted a brief (as below) for your consideration and I now attach a document to cover off Frequently asked questions.

If in the meantime I can be of any assistance, please simply ask.

Lest we forget.

Yet another forgotten war anniversary is upon us in the form of the 70th Anniversary of the conflict in Korea June 1950 – July 1953, where over 100,000 British service personnel were involved with 1078 never coming back, a further 2674 were wounded and 1060 were reported missing or taken prisoner.

Many of those that returned were simply demobbed and asked to return to their normal lives, sadly without any recognition.

In order to recognise and address those that fought and died and those who still live with the memories there is to be a commemoration of what they stood for and what they did for us on the 24th June 2021.

On that day, the British Korean Society will hold an event at the National Army Museum (NAM), in the presence of a Senior Royal. The activities there can be joined online by Veterans and relatives with stories alongside their old comrades who can link either from their own homes, or from participating Army Museums. Every effort will be taken with regard to social distancing for those that may well be of an age.

Please remember, your current museum’s representation may not have participated in the conflict yet there may be veterans in your area who may have been involved, and provision of a local venue could encourage veterans who lack the technical capability to take part individually.

The route to succeed in raising this event’s profile would be to contact Mr Martin Uden, the Chairman of the British Korean Society, who will coordinate your participation on the day.

Thank you for your kind consideration

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