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Cancellation of Minden Day 2020 Events

Following on from the unavoidable postponement of the opening of the KOYLI Gallery in the new museum in Doncaster which was to happen on 1 August the planning committee has been considering the other events also planned for Minden Day this year.

Wreath Laying Service

After careful consideration the planning committee has decided to cancel the wreath laying service at the KOYLI Memorial Park in Elmfield Park, Doncaster. Although it is possible that some relaxation of the lockdown may have happened by 1 August, it was thought that many of those who would want to attend are likely to be elderly and some with health problems. The risk to them was considered too great. It is possible that, in order not to break the tradition, a wreath may be laid under local arrangements if conditions allow.

Minden Day Reunion Function at South Kirkby

In addition to the risk outlined above it was felt that restrictions on social gatherings indoors were even less likely to be relaxed sufficiently by 1 August. Taking all these factors into account the planning committee has also decided to cancel the Minden Day Reunion function at The Grove, South Kirkby.

These decisions were not taken lightly and with much regret but with Covid-19 still largely unsuppressed in the community the health and wellbeing of our members and their families takes priority which I hope everyone will understand.

Cede Nullis

G Whitmore

Lt Col (Retd)

Vice President and Chairman of Trustees

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