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Cancellation of 2021 LI and Rifles Shrewsbury Reunion

After long and careful consideration, it has been decided by the Light Infantry Committee that the 2021 Reunion, scheduled for Saturday 19th June, will not take place.

The reasons for the decision are based on factors which will be familiar to us all. A successful Reunion is one during which old friends and colleagues can mingle freely, not just at the stadium but in the pubs and hotels of Shrewsbury, can march together behind the Band and Bugles and can hug, slap, and shake hands with old pals.

It must be considered probable that social distancing, with all its implications for hospitality venues, will still be in force in June. It is also likely that large gatherings, inside and outside, will remain prohibited. Face coverings will probably remain mandatory indoors (including in marquees). Finally, even the most optimistic forecasters do not predict that our target group will have received both vaccinations by June.

Bearing all this in mind, as we reach the point at which not only the Reunion organisers, but also individual attendees, need to make financial commitments which may not be reversible, we have, with heavy heart, decided to cancel.

Please put the date of the next Reunion, Saturday 18th June 2022, in your diaries now and let us look forward to a big one then. If you already have a ticket for 2021, you can carry it forward or have a refund. Further details will follow in due course. In the meantime, keep smiling and stay safe!

The Light Infantry Committee

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