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Brig Jim Parker and his family need our help

Lucy, Jim's daughter, has posted on the 2LI Facebook page the following:

You will possibly have seen by now, what has unfolded in RSA over the last week. To say that we could have done with some good old 2LI boys is an understatement. It has been terrifying, and our city of Durban still burns.

Tragedy struck our family amid this chaos. My parents, who are between homes at the moment had all their worldly belongings in storage. It was looted and then burnt. Almost everything they own is in ashes. As they sifted through the rubble and filth yesterday, they miraculously uncovered my Dad's CBE!! That was a real spirit lifter. We also found my grandfathers WW2 medals. But most other military and personal items are simply gone or burnt.

The most tragic thing of all for my Mum and Dad is the loss of our family photo albums. Dad was so diligent about recording our lives and the memories were priceless. I am reaching out here in the hope that those who knew Dad and may have photos or documents or memories, can help me rebuild a little bit of evidence for the wonderful and exciting life they have had. To be mid seventies with no evidence of a life well lived is heart breaking for them.

I have set up an email address and would so appreciate pictures with brief comments and anything else that might help us piece together our family history.

Please spread the word.

With thanks

I have contacted Lucy on behalf of the Association to check that Jim and the family are all OK, and to pass on the best wishes of all members of the Association and in particular of all who served with Jim.

As Lucy wrote in her Facebook message "Please spread the word" and do whatever you can to help replace some of photos that have been destroyed. Cede Nullis.

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