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Thank you Rifles Freedom of Wakefield and Leeds

Y Coy 8 Rifles Freedom of Wakefield 15 September 2018

A huge and sincere thank you to the; Band and Bugles of the Rifles, Riflemen of 2 and 8 Rifles, Cadets, Association members, veterans from the Rifles, Light Infantry, Royal Green Jackets and KOYLI who took part in the Freedom Parades in Wakefield and Leeds today. Each and everyone of you are excellent ambassadors for The Rifles our forming and antecedent Regiments.

Our thanks also to the Lt Div and Rifles Veteran Buglers Association for entertaining the public In Leeds Millennium Square this afternoon before the Band and Bugles marching display.

Thanks to Lee Ward, our photographer, for photographing all the events over the last two days. He now knows what it’s like to march at 140 paces a minute after following the Riflemen on the marches around Wakefield and the long march around Leeds.

Photos and videos of the Freedom Parades and the Band and Bugle displays will be available online later this Weekend.


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