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Association Standards on Parade at Nostell Priory Festival of Remembrance

Rifles, Light Infantry and KOYLI Association Standards on parade at Nostell Priory

Nostell Priory’s Festival of Remembrance Parade, which is attended by Deputy Lord Lieutenants, Lord St Oswald, Mayors' and civic dignitaries from across the district, was held yesterday in the autumnal sunshine. This year is the 31st year the parade has been held in the grounds of Nostell Priory and the splendid Norman Church in the Priory grounds. It is the second year the Regimental Association has had the 3 Regimental Standards on parade carried by Tim Humphreys, Paul Schofield and Colin Cranswick. Harry Newton also joined us carrying his own 51st 105th Standard. During the Service of Remembrance Last Post and Reveille was played by Paul 'Sammy' Goose from the Lt Div and Rifles Veteran Buglers Association.

Following the Buglers of the Lt Div And Rifles Veteran Buglers Association entertained the guests. Our thanks to all the Buglers especially those that travelled from the North East and Shrewsbury.

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