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Opening of the Field of Remembrance at Westminster

Earlier today at Westminster Abbey Her Majesty The Queen and Colonel in Chief of The Rifles opened the 95th Field of remembrance at Westminster Abbey.

Following the official opening Her Majesty The Queen was invited to lay a personal cross, and then she reviewed each of the regimental plots shaking hands with each the plot representatives.

This is an annual event which in previous years we have had a party of between 6 and 10 Association members travel to London to stand at the KOYLI plot. In recent years with the renovation of Westminster Abbey our plot has moved and a limit of 4 places imposed. This restriction in the numbers hasn't eased the ‘cattle market’ corralling of ticket holders into the tiny space behind the plots. For this reason the decision was taken not to run the trip this year. The Association Secretary attended as Plot Representative making the trip there and back in the same day. When our plot is moved back to a location that permits ticket holders to stand comfortably the trip will be reinstated.

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