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News Alert Update – KOYLI Gallery Virtual Opening

The long-awaited opening of the KOYLI Gallery in the new Doncaster Museum has today, 25 Feb 21, taken a giant step closer to its opening albeit as a virtual opening. Doncaster Council has today professionally recorded interviews with various people, including Major (Retd) Dave Wroe about the new museum, the KOYLI Gallery, and the importance it holds for the Regiment and the community. The message from Dave Wroe is that

The Gallery is looking good, with many new exhibits and interactive displays, including for the first time our VCs

The original opening date with an official reception was to have taken place on 1 Aug 20 but the pandemic restrictions and building delays caused by the pandemic put all the plans on hold. Sadly, the continuing restrictions still prevent the plans for an official opening at the museum from going ahead. Hence the virtual opening.

The virtual opening of the museum and virtual tour will take place online on Wednesday, 17 March 2021. More details will follow as they are received

For background information about the new museum only please visit the link below

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