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Mr Peter George Delany - Late KOYLI

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

It is with great sadness that I have to inform members that Mr Peter George Delany, late KOYLI passed away on 10 Nov 2021 aged 88.

Peter served in the KOYLI attaining the rank of CSjt. Peter, has a a very strong and long family connection to the KOYLI through the numerous members of the Delany family, including Colonel (Retd) Gerry Delany, who have served with the regiment.

Our thoughts and condolences at the sad time are with Peter's wife Arleen, his family, and his many friends.

As the bugle sounds 'No More Parades' and you take your place in the FRV, rest in peace Peter. Cede Nullis.

The family have requested the services of a Bugler and Standard Bearer and loan of the KOYLI coffin drape. The Association Secretary will make the arrangements.

Association members are invited to the funeral and the wake.

  • Date and time: 3 Dec 21 at 15:00

  • Location: Pontefract Crematorium, Wakefield Road, Pontefract, WF8 4HA

  • Funeral Directors: Ryan's, 98 Station Lane, Featherstone, WF7 5BA

Anyone wishing to send cards or letters of condolence is requested to send them to the Rifles Regional Office at Minden House marked FAO family of Peter George Delany. Office staff will then forward them to the family.

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