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George Thomas Morgan - Late 1 KOYLI

It is with sadness that we announce that Mr George Thomas Morgan late A Coy 1 KOYLI passed away on 5 Nov 2020. George served in Aden, Berlin and UK. He was a member of our Leeds branch.

Our thoughts are with George's son Glyn and all of George's family and friends at this sad time. The bugle sounds No More Parades as you take your place in the FRV your duty done, rest in peace George. Cede Nullis.

The funeral arrangements are:

Date and Time - 24 Nov 2020 at 1240 hours.

Donations to Help for Hero's in lieu of flowers can be sent in George's name to

Percy R Wood Funeral Service, Balm Road, Hunslet, Leeds, LS10 2HU

Anyone wishing to send cards or letters of condolence is requested to send them to the Rifles Regional Office at Minden House marked FAO family of George Morgan. Office staff will then forward them to the family.

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Unknown member
13. Nov. 2020

I served in the same platoon (3) with George all through Malaya and Borneo and in Aden. Have some great photos and memories of him, in particular on the NBC clothing trials in Nee Soon.Part of the trial was to dig a two man slit trench against the clock.Me and George must have been sited on the hardest bit of ground in Malaya. Once the signal was given to start George swung his pick which sank about an inch into the ground, we looked at each other and George said "We"ll never get this done" I couldnt do any thing for laughing. We were the last pair finished and actually had a Lt. Col.From the DLI who was one o…

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