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Cyril Calton KOYLI and Legion d'Honneur Recipient

Cyril Calton KOYLI Legion d'Honneur

In February 2018 the Association was invited to Sheffield Town Hall to participate in the presentation of the Légion d'Honneur to Cyril Calton.

Cyril's family have contacted the Association with the news that Cyril's health has rapidly declined and he is now confined to bed at home receiving palliative care.

When we met Cyril in Feb we found a KOYLI with an amazing strength of character and a gentleman who had being honoured by the City of Sheffield for his contribution to his local community. Cyril's family wrote that it is his strength of character that is keeping him going but the doctors say he may not have long left.

The Vice President of the Regimental Association and Chairman of the Trustees, Vice Chairman of the Trustees and all members of the Regimental Association send best wishes to Cyril and his family.

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