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Roy Tonge late KOYLI and LI

KOYLI Cap Badge

It is with sadness that we report that Roy Tonge, late 1 KOYLI and 2 LI, was passed away on 8 August 2018 aged 75. Roy, who settled in Shrewsbury, sadly lost his battle with cancer which he fought valiantly and privately. Our thoughts and condolences are with Roy’s family and friends.

Your duty done and battles fought, stand easy Roy and Rest in Peace. The Bugle sounds No More Parades calling you to the FRV to join your brothers in arms. Cede Nullis.

Roy’s family have written:

Roy was a loving Husband, Father, Grandad, Brother, Uncle, Friend, proud Yorkshire man and ex serving member of the Kings own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Kings own Shropshire Light Infantry and the Light Infantry (2LI). Those of us fortunate to know Roy knew that he truly optimised his regiment’s motto CEDE NULLIS as he championed many a just cause, throughout his life, in a steadfast and honest way.

As a true Light Infantryman Roy optimised the Regiment’s motto when he shared a cheeky wink whilst being treated by the medics attending him on Monday. We would like to thank: the West Midlands Ambulance Service, the staff at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital A & E department and the Lingen Davies Centre. We would also like to personally thank Sister Jan Sweet, Julia and Heidi from Macmillan Cancer support services for their professional, caring and personal level of support given to Roy. RIP Roy: Stand down, duty done and know that as you move to the final RV you are held in our hearts, truly loved and missed by all your immediate and extended family.


Location: Shrewsbury Crematorium London Road,Shrewsbury SY2 6PS

Date and Time: 21 August 2018 at 1045 hours

Bugler requested: yes (Shrewsbury Branch organising family have also requested Pete Bate if available)

Standards Requested: Yes particular a KOYLI Standard

Coffin Drape requested: Yes (Denbo Crook arranging)

Association members Welcome: Yes

Wake: Details to follow later

Wake: Details published later.

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