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Haworth in Bronte country, steps back to the 1940s

Haworth's 1940s Weekend Poster

Over the weekend, 19-20 May, the town of Haworth in the heart of Bronte country stepped back in time to the 1940s. Numerous WWII re-enactment societies, organisations, local businesses and members of the public from all over the North of England dressed in period costumes, bands and singers playing music of the period brought a party atmosphere to the town.

Well done to: Brian and Helena Clayton; Geoff Holland; Ronnie and Pat Barrow; Ron Lowerson and Sheila Amos, Jim Morgan and his wife of West Leeds Branch, Maxine from the Rifles Regional Office Pontefract and Tracy Frood, Care 4 Casualties Co-ordinator from RHQ The Rifles for representing the Association and the Rifles over the weekend, with the Association gazebo.

Brian, Geoff, Ronnie, Ron and Maxine also provided assistance to the organisers as event marshall’s and with the communications in the event control room. A member of the Haworth 1940s Weekend organising committee is West Leeds Branch member John Bradford.

On Sunday morning the West Leeds Branch members Maxine and Tracy were joined by Lt Col Brian Denny, Capt Bob Roberts and Colin Cranswick for the church service in Haworth Parish church where the only Standard on Parade was that of The Rifles Association. Following the church service, Lt Col Brian Denny took the salute, from the parade as it march past through the town to the park.

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