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KOYLI Memorial Ceremony Tickets

KOYLI Memorial Statue clay model

During the month of March the Memorial Appeal Committee commenced sending out tickets for the KOYLI Memorial Unveiling and Dedication at Elmfield Park and the Reception afterwards at Doncaster Racecourse. Whilst you do not need a ticket to attend the dedication service, without one you will not be allowed into the seating areas, but allowed to watch from outside our perimeter. A ticket is required for access to the reception area at the Race Course.

Tickets, in the form of a letter from the Committee are being sent to every person who has donated an minimum of £25 who offered 1 x ticket. Likewise those who have donated £50 or more will be offered 2 x Tickets. Ticket allocation whether individual or group will be restricted to a maximum of 2 x Tickets. You need to retain the letter and present it at the event to be admitted.

Recipients of one these letters are requested to follow the instructions in the letter to acknowledge receipt of the letter and to indicate whether or not you will be attending. It will be assumed that you will not be attending if no acknowledgement is received from you.

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