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Sjt Ronald Calvert Late 1KOYLI

Ron Calvert Bierut 1943

It is with sadness that we have to announce that Ron passed away on 14 Nov 2017 aged 97. Our thoughts and condolences are with Ron's son David and Ron's friends in the Rochdale Care Home. RIP Ron your duty done now its time to take your place in the final RV. Cede Nullis

Ronald enlisted in August 1934 and was demobbed in 1946 during which time he served with the 1st battalion in WWII in Norway, India, Iraq/Iran, Palestine, Sicily, Italy and Germany. He was a member of 'A Company's' boxing squad and also the Battalion boxing squad. During that time he ended up in Rochdale were he met my mother. After the war he returned to Rochdale and they married and set up home. He remained there for the rest of his life with a group of other KOYLI who had done a similar thing. During his last years he suffered with health problems but he tried to not let him stop what he was doing even if that went against medical advice. He certainly did not yield to anything

The first item Ron showed Pete and Colin was his KOYLI Association green membership booklet, with the words "Once a KOYLI always a KOYLI" inscribed on the front, which he still proudly carries. Pete and Colin are the first members of the Association he has seen in many years.

The Funeral is private.

Sjt Ronald Calvert Late 1KOYLI with Bugler Pete Bate and Colin Cranswick in Rochdale

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