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Pte Wilfred Edwards VC 7KOYLI - Centenary Stone Unveiling 16 Aug 17 Leeds and 26 Aug 17 Norwich

Victoria Cross

On the centenary of the action for which he was award the VC, an Unveiling of a VC Centenary Stone for Pte W Edwards VC 7KOYLI will be held at Armley War Memorial is located within Armley Park at approximately 11am-12pm on the 16th August.

Pte Edwards was born in Norwich however spent most of his life in Leeds hence the reason for the service in Leeds.

Association members and Standards are required for the ceremony. If you are available and willing to take part in the ceremony please register on the Events information page of the Association website ASAP.

An additional unveiling ceremony is being held in Norwich on the 26 Aug and Association members and KOYLI Standards have been requested. There is no restriction on the number of Association members that can attend however, only 4 members have been invited to the reception afterwards. The Rifles County Secretary, on Mon 10 July, has to confirm the number of Association Members attending. Therefore anyone wishing to attend has to register online at the Events Information Page or by phone with the Association Secretary by 1800hs Sun 9 Jul.

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