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Gordon Adams ex KOYLI

KOYLI Cap Badge

It is with sadness that we have been that Gordan Adams, ex KOYLI and member of Pontefract Branch has passed away 29 May 17. Members of Pontefract joined Gordon's wife, family and friend at Pontefract Crematorium where they formed guard of honour for Gordon's coffin to pass through before being led into the crematorium by the Pontefract Branch KOYLI Standard carried by Colin Cranswick. Gordon was for a time the Branch Standard Bearer and the first person to Parade the Standard.

Our thoughts and condolences are with the Gordon's family and friends. RIP in Gordan. Cede Nullis.

The following email has been received from Paul Adams a member of Gordon's family:

I would just like to say on behalf of the family of Gordon Adams our heartfelt thanks and appreciation of the attendance of the KOYLI Association at his funeral today. It made the day very special indeed, I know that my father would have been really proud of what you did for him, it was amazing. Once again Thank you .

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