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KOYLI Memorial Appeal Auction

To all readers of our site may I ask that if you have Items you no longer want or perhaps you are finally clearing out that attic, cellar, shed, or the "boss" has said; "the time has come to come get rid" and you feel you can "donate" them to our auction please get in touch with me. If items are in "good nick" and you feel they may raise a bob or two for our project then again please get in touch with me.

It is still our intention to hold an auction early next year in Pontefract to raise funds for our Memorial. Items do not have to be of a Military nature, they simply have to be of such a quality that others may wish to "collect" or make use them. Anything, from a pin to an anchor will be considered. Proceeds of course will go to our Memorial project so don't throw out items until you have ask yourself this question. "could this item I am about to throw out raise funds for the KOYLI Memorial"

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