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Major (Retd) F L Price MBE - Late KOYLI, RASC, RAOC

Major (Retd) Price passed away on Sunday 27th November. He was an ex KOYLI having joined the army at age 13yrs as a band-boy, sent to India at 14yrs prior to his going into man-service.

Our condolences to Major Price's family and friends. Sir stand easy you did your duty with incredible diligence. Take your place with those brothers and fellow Officers that have gone before. The bugle sounds No More Parades. Cede Nullis.

He was born in 1917 and served with 2nd Battalion in Burma being present at the Sittang Bridge incident in 1942; swimming the river on February 23rd which was his 25th birthday and making his way back to troop lines. After the war he served with the RASC and later RAOC where he gained a commission and finished his service aged 55yrs in 1972.

He was a Yorkshireman, born in Kelfield and lived in the Stillingfleet, Kelfield, Wistow area prior to enlisting when he was orphaned and lodged with his eldest brother. On retirement he lived in Wistow and later Selby prior to moving to a Care Home in Pocklington. His widow, still resides at the William Wilberforce Care Home in Pocklington, Yorks.

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