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Peter Smith ex KOYLI 1959 - 1968

Peter "Father" Smith passed away on 4th March 2016. His funeral was held on 16 March 2016 at St John & St. Mary Magdalene Church in Goldthorpe in the presence of his family and friends. Peter's son, grandson and son-in-laws all wore KOYLI neckties to honor Peter. A number of ex Buglers who served with Peter attended the service and formed an honour guard as Peter's coffin entered the Church escorted by a KOYLI Standard Bearer. Peter Bate, who served with Peter, sounded Last Post and Reveille between which he read The Kohima Epitaph at the graveside.

Peter joined the KOYLI as a Bugler, he saw service in Malaya, Aden, Germany and UK.

The thoughts and condolences of all members of the association especially those who served with Peter are with Peter's family and friends. To quote Peter "God bless all my family, God bless all my friends, Thank you very much".

The bugle sounds No More Parade as you take your place at the final RV your duty done. RIP Peter, Cede Nullis

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