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KOYLI Memorial Appeal Charity Evening 3 Nov 16

Tonight, Thursday 3 November, at the Hyde Park WMC on Nelson Street Doncaster, a fundraising evening will take place. This event has been organised by the committee of this club to assist us with our fundraising.

The evening starts at 1930hrs with the Buglers Association sounding fanfares and the march on of our Regimental Standards. It is then over to the Clubs entertainment, 4 separate clubland entertainers which will be interspersed by a spot of Regimental music from the Buglers Association, very similar to the Minden day programme that those of you who attended will recall just how good they were. All proceeds of the Raffle will go towards our project.

Dress should be blazers/Jackets and medals, Regimental Ties etc where held.

It is appreciate it is “in the week” but it promises to be a good night so please, let’s support the Club who were kind enough to offer, and at the same time benefit us by providing us with much needed funds.

I hope to see you all there.

Cede Nullis

Dave Wroe

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