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Winter Pensioner Support Package

A Pensioner Cost of Living Payment of £300 per household will be paid as a top up to those eligible for the Winter Fuel Payment during November and December. If you were born before 25 September 1957 and receive the Winter Fuel Payment, you will automatically receive the Pensioner Cost of Living Payment at the same time.  You do not need to apply or contact anyone to receive this Cost of Living Payment alongside your Winter Fuel Payment.

If you’re eligible, you will be sent a letter telling you how much your payment will be.  However, while most eligible pensioners will receive the Winter Fuel Payment automatically, a small number of people may need to make a claim for it.

To check if you need to do this, visit If your claim is successful, you’ll then be eligible for the Pensioner Cost of Living Payment. 

Pension Credit is also available to support the most vulnerable pensioners. You can check the eligibility of yourself or a loved one at You can still qualify for the £300 Cost of Living Payment if you make a successful backdated Pension Credit application by 10 December 2023.

Find out more about the range of government support with the cost of living, including Pension Credit and Cold Weather Payments, at

A new Winter Fuel Payment video that provides more information including eligibility and payment

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