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Vacancies in Doncaster for Veterans

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The number of fixed-site test stations and mobile units are doubling and there are many vacancies for Veterans to get short to medium term employment with SSGC. You are guaranteed an interview and options not available to civilian applicants.

There are currently 74 vacancies at the Doncaster Testing Site suitable for veterans, with a guarantee of interview for all veterans. The jobs are also available for partners and suitable family members from all veterans. Please contact Demelza as shown as the SSGC quality manager, details below:

We would be delighted to hear from veterans as well as their friends and families for the vacancies at Doncaster Regional Test Site (RTS) and the Mobile Testing Units (MTU’s).

Any candidates who wish to apply for the role can email me directly with the following information:

  • Full Name

  • Mobile Number

  • Email address to send application form to

  • Postcode

  • They should also state whether they are a Veteran or friend/family so we can assign them to the correct job posting internally.

The role is £10 per hour and on a minimum shift pattern of 4 days on and 4 days off (overtime is available as 5:3 or 6:2). The role offers 2 meals a day and for veterans other benefits. Non-veterans if they are willing to go on the books as willing to work multiple locations will be paid at 15p after the first 15 miles. Shift patterns are typically 07:30hrs – 20:30hrs on the RTS and 07:30-18:30hrs on the MTU’s. Staff may be allocated to either post.

There are a small number of shifts that are 7-1800hrs and 10-2100hrs on the supplies team.

Kind Regards,

Demelza Staples

Quality Manager

Mobile: 07534467944

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