Update - Rifles In This Together, Bugle Competition, A worlds first for FB and British Army.

Entrance to The #Rifles Bugle competition closed at 2359 hrs on Friday 17 Apr.

All entrants have been split into categories. The winner of each of the categories will need to make themselves available on Saturday the 25th April for a Live Zoom to the Rifles Facebook page for the performance at 19:00 hrs. Cadets under the age of 18 years of age will need their parent to start the Zoom chat.

If you doing not wish to go LIVE please withdraw your video. In the case of a withdrawal, 2nd placed heat winners will need to be on standby to go live.

Heat winners:

Mon 20th Newcomers - 1800hrs compilation post 2000hrs top 3 announced.

Tue 21st Cadets and Adult cadets - 1700hrs compilation post Cadet under 18 1800hrs compilation post Adult cadets 2000hrs top 3 announced Cadet under 18 2100hrs top 3 announced Cadet Adults.

Wed 22nd Reserve - 1800hrs compilation post 2000hrs top 3 announced.

Thur 23rd Regular - 1800hrs compilation post 2000hrs top 3 announced.

Fri 24th Veterans - 1800hrs compilation post 2000hrs top 3 announced.

Final on Saturday 25th - Comms check with WO2 Mick Gibbons will take place individually and arranged by text. All finalists will need Zoom.us on phone or laptop.

1830 hours - all finalist and judges will conference call using Zoom. This will allow us to meet each finalist and practice holding people in the private rooms until they compete.

1900 hours - we will go LIVE into Facebook, the Live will last 30 minutes before we go to a Public vote at 1900-2000 hrs.

Prizes Heat winners will receive a RIFLES Coin and notebook, 2nd place a coin (colour) and 3rd a coin silver. Overall finalist will receive a RIFLES statuette with other Finalists receiving RIFLES gifts depending on sex (tie pin, broaches ties as examples).

Good luck to you all, please share the details with your friends and family and let's get as many people on the LIVE Show as possible.

#InThisTogether #coronavirus #RIFLES #StayHomeSaveLives

Get tagging and sharing! and let's make this a huge success.


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