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Update - Tickets for Remembrance Sunday Parade 2021 on Whitehall

The Association has requested 10 tickets for the Remembrance Sunday Parade 2021 on Whitehall. The have been 9 requests for these tickets and the names have been passed to the British Legion. The remaining ticket will be allocated on a first come basis. If there is more than 1 person requesting a ticket a waiting list will be started in case anyone drops out or if other tickets become available.

Any Association members, ex members of The Rifles or any of Forming Regiments who wish to march as part of our Association Cohort you must register ASAP using the request form here.

The people listed below have all been registered for a ticket and should shortly receive an email from the British Legion to which you must respond to:

  • Fred Adamson (Doncaster Branch)

  • Philip Knight (Doncaster Branch)

  • Stephen Gawthorpe (KOY/LI Band and Bugle Club)

  • Darren Riley

  • William Morrison (Pontefract Branch)

  • Robert Smith (Pontefract Branch)

  • Peter Wright

  • Paul Schofield (Wakefield Branch)


This year the annual Royal British Legion Service of Remembrance will be held at the Cenotaph on Whitehall on Sunday, 14th November.

Application for tickets is via Regimental Associations. The Royal British Legion has nominated our Association Office as the registration point for our Association members, and ex Rifles, Light Infantry, and KOYLI veterans from our area to apply for tickets to participate in the parade.


Associations should prioritise individuals who are directly affected by service with the Armed Forces in their contingent.

  • Military and Civilian men and women from the UK and the Commonwealth that served the Crown on Military Operations.

  • Wives, husbands, or civil partners of those who died as a result of their service in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces or during a time of war.

Regrettably, the carer accompanying the veteran must be included within the 10k cap; where appropriate, the option of one veteran assisting another for the duration of the Dispersal should be considered.


The key dates for 2021 are as follows:

  • 26 August: Deadline for associations to complete individual participant information.

  • 15 September: Application process to re-open for associations to register additional participants if vacancies exist.

  • October: Tickets and Joining Instructions sent to associations.

Individual security checks will take place before entry to Horse Guards Parade. Ticket holders are to bring photographic ID and proof of address with them to gain access.


Please be advised that we are working towards business as usual for the Cenotaph Dispersal on Remembrance Sunday. We are continuing to follow government advice for mass gatherings to ensure the health and safety of our participants remain our priority

If you wish to apply for a ticket to participate in the please complete the request form here as soon as possible before 10 Jun 21. If there is a minimum of 10 people from the Yorkshire area who require transport; the Association will consider organising a day trip for the parade using the railway as the means of transport.

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