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Tesco Voucher Scheme is being re-run

The Rifles RHQ are re-running the Tesco Voucher Scheme offer on the regiment’s social media pages. Please read the updated information below and below that is the original post with more information.

“Once a Rifleman, always a Rifleman.”

It doesn’t matter if you have served with us for six weeks or six years or served with one of our forming or antecedent regiments – we still care about you.

The Regiment’s TESCO voucher scheme is a one-off give away for serving and veteran Riflemen who are in genuine need of help as a result of the cost-of-living crisis. The details of how to apply can be found on SWIFT, which you will need to register and join.

This is for first time applicants only, so if you have applied for a voucher previously, please don’t apply again.


The Rifles Trustees in connection with Tesco are providing Serving, Veteran, and antecedent Veteran Riflemen in genuine financial hardship with some assistance.

Please read the message below from Peter Balls the Rifles Regimental Secretary for the full details of the scheme. If you know of any Veteran in need of this assistance, please make them aware of how they can obtain the voucher or contact the Association Secretary at with the details.

All information received will be handled confidentially and will only be shared with RHQ welfare officers.

Regimental Support Towards the Ongoing Cost of Living Situation 

The cost-of-living situation sweeping across the country and beyond is being watched carefully by the Regiment. Everyone anticipates the situation to worsen in the short term and affect all areas of everyone’s lives. 

The Rifles Trustees have been considering how best to help support those serving and veteran Riflemen who are experiencing genuine financial hardship, and so we are launching a trial voucher scheme to serving Riflemen and our veterans from The Rifles and its former and antecedent regiments. 

Through SWIFT, an individual £100 Tesco Grocery Voucher can now be redeemed by those in genuine need to benefit them and their dependants directly, quickly, and easily - saving money for other costly basics like heating and electricity bills. 

The Rifles family is bound by deep levels of trust, and we expect only those who find themselves in genuine financial difficulties to apply. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of what we as thinking Riflemen stand for and believe in. Of course, a single, one-off voucher is not the final answer to a wider problem, but it will help immediately and might allow those in serious hardship to be identified and supported further through Regimental Headquarters.  

If serving, Regimental Headquarters will confidentially give your details to your Unit Welfare Officer as he might be able to help you further. If you are a veteran, Regimental Headquarters may be in touch to understand your circumstances and see if more help is appropriate. The only requirement we expect of you is that you keep your receipt in case we need to conduct an audit.

If you know someone in the regimental family who might need this help but might not see this letter, or be too proud to step forward, please let us know at so that we can make contact.   

If you find yourself in need and feel you are eligible, please click on this to apply. Nobody will think the worse of you for doing so genuinely and instead it is the sort of forward looking and innovative family support, at a time of much need, that makes The Rifles and Riflemen distinct and special.

Swift and Bold 

Peter Balls

Regimental Secretary on behalf of The Rifles’ Trustees 

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