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Richmond Fellowship - Support for Veterans

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Richmond Fellowship is a Kirklees basic support service which works in partnership with other organisations such as S2R, Women’s Centre and Clear to provide users with access to various types of support.

As a service, they cater to anyone from the age of 18 plus. The support can be for anyone who may suffer from things that have a negative impact on their mental health they do not have to have a diagnosis. The support includes soft outcomes such as preventing isolation so we look at things like joining arts and crafts groups as a social aspect. They can also seek volunteering opportunities in specific areas of interest, many retired people like to take up this kind of thing.

Below are some resources that may be useful during the lockdown:

S2R Wellbeing Pack 1 - Final with Feedba
Download • 2.96MB

Psychology Wellbeing Pack for Halton (2)
Download • 3.08MB

Mental Health Z Card
Download PDF • 1.61MB

KES Service-information
Download DOCX • 115KB

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