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Minden House Buglers Sound Success at Catterick Beating Retreat

Buglers from Minden House Buglers were invited to take part in the Catterick Beating Retreat on 20 July 2023 and gave an outstanding performance.

BM Gary Freeland from the Army School of Ceremonial asked for veteran bugler assistance at the Beating Retreat by Army School of Ceremonial in Catterick, in which the 5 Rifles Buglers were taking part in the event.

Only a small number of veteran buglers were available and Minden House Buglers who are part of The Riflemen's Association Buglers were asked if they could provide buglers. 5 Minden House Buglers answered the call for assistance: Pete Bate, Kev Fawcett, Paul Schofield, Steve Tagg, Spud Taylor, and Gareth Merchant came along with us. Billy Mould from the Northeast also joined Minden House Buglers for the event.

The veterans sounded a Fanfare for the VIP, Rifles Assembly & Advance for the march on, at the conclusion of the parade all buglers sounded High On A Hill and Sunset.

Leader of Minden House Buglers commented, "It was a very enjoyable day for all of us and a great experience but most importantly, for a group of learner buglers who apart from one member were not buglers during their service, it demonstrates that we have obtained a level of bugling were we can join in on parades with regular Rifles Buglers, albeit in a static roll".

Apart from sounding at funerals across the district and wider afield Minden House Buglers have performed at Armed Forces Day events in Wakefield and Doncaster, the naming of a street in Upton in memory of Rifleman Luke Farmer late 3 Rifles. On 1st and 5th August they will be performing at the annual Minden Day events.

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