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Malaya and Borneo Veterans Association Standard Laid Up

On Thursday 10 March 2022 Kev Fawcett had the honoured and privileged to sound the bugle calls during the handover of the Malaya and Borneo Veterans Standard to the Doncaster Heritage. Many members of the KOYLI also attend the Malaya and Borneo Veterans Association meetings and functions

The Standard will be laid up at Cusworth Hall, Cusworth DN5 7TU, where it will soon be on view for the public to see during their visit.

The Association numbers were in decline so it was decided to close the Association and lay up the Standard in memory of those that served in those conflicts.

Left to Right Barbara Sabin, Jim Seymour, Peter Ackroyd, Edith Ackroyd, Peter Sabin, and Kev Fawcett

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