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Former Commanding Officer Expresses Gratitude to Regimental Colleagues

Jim and Jeannie Parker wish to express their gratitude to the Regimental family for the kindness and generosity after the devastating loss of their possessions during the riots last year in South Africa.

Jim and Jeannie have requested the letter below to be published on our website and social media pages. Please share this on any KOYLI and LI social media pages so that Jim and Jeannie's letter of thanks reaches as many of our Regimental family as possible.

To all our Regimental comrades and their families.

We wish to record our heartfelt gratitude to all our Regimental friends for their kindness and generosity in sending us such precious gifts at Christmas. In fact, the parcel was delayed at South African customs and arrived on New Year’s Eve.

Our surprise and delight in receiving a silver bugle, silver brooch and three regimental books were given a magical sense of occasion by the bugle plaque’s inscription: “Ex Igne Resurgam” or “Out of the Fire Rise Up!”

What symbolic confirmation of enduring Regimental comradeship that the July Riots could never destroy! [The KOYLI tie worn by a Home Guard grandfather was a lovely touch.] We did indeed feel ‘Exceedingly Lucky’ to belong to a community that lives by its motto, Cede Nullis.

Pandemics allowing, we plan to be in England in the summer, when we hope to see some of you. Meanwhile, we wish you all a safe, happy and healthy year ahead. You are the most wonderful friends that an expatriate could have, still standing by our sides. We love to receive your messages. We owe you so much.

Jim and Jeannie Parker


7 January 2022

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