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Forgot you Not Box for WW2 Veterans

The Not Forgotten Association (NFA) are after the details of surviving WW2 veterans so they might send out a 'Forgot you Not Box' as some recompense for individuals being unable to mark VE & VJ Days in appropriate ways earlier in the year.

The boxes will start to be sent out at the end of October and will contain a variety of specially produced commemorative gifts. The aim is to bring the veterans a bit of cheer and to thank them for all they gave. It will also be an appropriate way to acknowledge 100 years of support by The Not Forgotten to those who have suffered and served their nation.

To register for the gift the veteran, or authorised member of their family or carer needs to send us the following information:

· Full name - first name, surname and maiden name if appropriate

· Service number

· Military details – Arm/Unit of service and dates

· Full postal address & Telephone number

· Date of birth

· Details of individual/organisation providing this data if not the veteran.

(which will go live on the 15 September 2020) or sent to information will not be shared and will be deleted once the project is complete.

Full details are contained in the document below

Download PDF • 110KB

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