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Association Members Gather to Say Goodbye to Ken Cowen

Bugler Ken Cowen

KOYLI Association members gathered in Doncaster today to say goodbye to Ken Cowen, a friend and brother KOYLI. Pete Bate, one of the last members of the Association to see Ken, sounded Last Post and Reveille. Tim Humphreys and Steve Tagg were the KOYLI Standard Bearers.

Rest in Peace Ken. Cede Nullis

This is from Lianne Ken's Granddaughter:

Thank you all so much for your attendance at my granddad Ken Cowen's funeral, I think he would be incredibly proud and pleased with his send off today. It's been incredible meeting you all, thank you so much for sharing more photos and stories of him with me, I tried to speak to you all and thank you for coming but I was overwhelmed with the turn out, as was my nanan and the rest of the family, apologies if I didn't get chance to thank you Xx

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