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RBLI Lifeworks

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Designed to complement existing local services, this fully funded, RBLI "LifeWorks" course has an excellent track record in equipping, delegates for a speedy return to work, volunteering, or further education.

The course is not Powerpoint based and it is not a CV writing course - rather it is a course which responds to the needs of the individual. Whilst all attendees will be guaranteed to leave the course with a good quality CV and some very useful tools for the construction of covering letters, there is much more to the 5 days of instruction/interaction and assessment.

All those who served (Regular & Reserve), no matter for how long, or how long ago, are eligible for this help if they are out of work or in a job that they are not enjoying.

Details and dates of up and coming courses are available at or Referral Telephone number 0800 319 6844

RBLI Lifeworks

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