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KOY/LI Band and Bugle Club mark 40 Years

KOY/LI Band and Bugle Club 40th Anniversary Cake

On Saturday 15 April 2018 the KOY/LI Band and Bugle Club held their annual reunion in Blackpool. This year the reunion marked a double celebration; the 40th Anniversary of the Band and Bugle Club that held its first reunion in 1968 the 50th Anniversary of the end of the KOYLI and the formation of the Light Infantry.

Former KOYLI and LI musicians and buglers travelled from all over UK as well as from America. It was great to see new younger faces of 'Benny's Gang': Radford Bennett, Richard Eskin, Peter Goodwin, Simon Copp, Shaun Mullin, "Taffy" Harrison, Steve Jobbins and Vince Eckerman from 2LI Band from Ballykinler, Gibraltar and Blackpool postings. It was also great to see "Legs" and Jacqui Diamond joining our ever growing buglers contingent.

Entertainment was provided by a German oompah band from the Yorkshire Volunteers Band. Our thanks to them for an excellent evenings entertainment.

Thanks to Mick Fozzard and his committee for another excellent reunion.

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