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Bill Grainger KOYLI Band is fading.

Bill Grainger KOYLI Band

I received a phone call from Bill's son Andrew on the afternoon of Friday 1 Jun to let me know that Bill is not expected to live much longer. He has not been eating properly for about 3 weeks and over the last 3 days has not eaten. On Friday Bill was asleep all day.

Our thoughts are with Bill and Andrew at this difficult time. Cede Nullis.

25 May 18. Bill has been moved from Dewsbury Hospital to The Chestnuts Care Home, Church Rd, Altofts, Normanton WF6 2QG. Bill's son Andrew told me yesterday that Bill has made a very slight improvement.

22 May 18. I visited Bill again today on ward 11 of Dewsbury hospital. He has been moved to an individual side room where thanks to a visitor he has a CD player and listens to some of his favorite music. There is no improvement in Bill's health and his speech is difficult to understand but he does have periods where it is possible to understand him. During one such period he asked me to thank everyone who has sent him their best wishes.

20 May 18. I visited Bill today along with Jack Hawkins and his daughter Anne. We were so shocked to see how much Bill has deteriorated in just a month. Despite being very poorly and not able to communicate very well , Bill instantly remembered his life long friend Jack Hawkins, and myself. I passed on everyone’s best wishes and told him everyone was thinking about him.

Bill really isn’t well and it was heartbreaking to see him so frail. We continue to keep Bill in our thoughts and also his family. Cede Nullis.

18 May 18 I received a phone call from Bill’s son Andrew yesterday, Friday 18 May, with the news that Bill’s consultant has told Andrew that Bill’s health is declining and anticipates that Bill will pass away within 4 to 5 days.

On behalf half of the president and all members of the Association our thoughts and prayers are with Bill and his family at this very sad and distressing time.

Bill is a KOYLI through and through. He is believed to be the last survivor of the KOYLI Norwegian Campaign. Bill, CEDE NULLIS.

12 May 18. I have just spoken with Bill's son who sadly informs me that Bill is back in hospital in Dewsbury. The hospital believe that he has vascular dementia, Bill's son tells me that Bill is not well. Bill is on ward 11 in Dewsbury Hospital. I will publish an update in the week when I have had an opportunity to visit him

I am sure that all former KOYLI, KOYLI Band and all military musicians will join me in sending Bill aged 98, a military musician legend, their best wishes. CEDE NULLIS Bill.

25 Apr 18. Due to family commitments I have not been able to visit Bill since my last visit on 9 Apr. To my knowledge he returned to his own home on 16 Apr as planned. As soon as I have spoken to Bill I will post a full update.

9 Apr 18. I visited Bill today in the care home and he had some excellent news for me; he is being allowed to go home on 16 Apr. The news has most definitely lifted his spirits.

He asked me to pass on his best wishes to all the former Band and Buglers attending the KOY/LI Band and Bugles Club Reunion dinner on 14 Apr in Blackpool.

Bill also thanks all those who have taken time to visit him or sent messages for him.

29 Mar 18, I have just returned from visiting Bill in Dovecote Lodge Care Home in Horbury where I found Bill in good health but wanting to get back into his own home. Bill has asked me to thank everyone for asking about how he is getting on. He asked about Jack Boden, Jack Hawkins, George Button, and some of the old Battalion officers, Chris Backhouse, the Deedes family, Brigadiers Preston and Elcomb.

If any former Band and Bugles have some time on their hands and are near Horbury Bill would love to see you. The home ask visitors to avoid meal times which as midday and 4pm.

17 Mar 18. The lastest new on Bill as of today is that he is now out of Pinderfields Hospital and in a Care Home in Horbury. I have had a text message from Bill's son Andrew to say that Bill is in Dovecote Lodge Care Home, Dovecote Ln, Horbury, Wakefield WF4 6DJ. I don't know how long Bill is going to in there for.

10 Mar 18. I visited Bill in Pinderfields earlier today and passed on good wishes of everyone that has enquired about him. Bill was in good form and sends his thanks for everyone's for thinking about him. Bill is in a side ward by himself due to the pneumonia. Bill is an inspiration and we all wish him a speedy recovery. Cede Nullis Bill.

09 Mar 18. Unfortunately Bill is back in hospital after a day at home. Visiting Bill at home this afternoon and finding Bill not at home, a call to his son Andrew confirmed that Bill had to be readmitted in Pinderfields hospital on gate 41.

Andrew has since text to say that Bill is in good spirits but disappointed that he is not in his own home. Bill is being give i/v fluids and antibiotics.

7 Mar 18. I have just returned from visiting Bill in Dewsbury hospital where I found him in good spirit and chomping at the bit to go home. While I was there he received the news he had been waiting for - he could go home. Bill was ecstatic, if he could have he would have run out of the ward. By the time this is posted Bill will be home.

I passed on the Bill the good wishes of everyone, in particular Tony Tween Masterman, Jack Hawkins and John Limbert. Bill asked me to thank everyone for their concern for him. He was pleased that as ex bandsmen we still look out for each other. I post a further update after I have visited Bill again on Friday.

5 Mar 18. We have learnt that KOYLI Band legend Bill Grainger aged 98, is recovery in hospital following a fall and pneumonia. Bill suffered a fall at home in January, was admitted to hospital and while there contracted a chest infection that turned into pneumonia.

Thanks to Tony Tween Masterman for raising concerns over the weekend after he had telephoned Bill and received no answer for a couple of weeks. Band Club members reached out to each other to find out if anyone had spoken with Bill recently. Bill's long time friend Jack Hawkins, who has known Bill since he was aged 14, phoned Bill's home numerous times during Monday without response.

Colin Cranswick called round to Bill's and after checking with his neighbour discovered that Bill has been in hospital for the last 6 weeks. Colin has spoken with Bill's son Andrew who has said that his dad is recovered and wanting to go home but is unable to do so until a care package has been put in place.

Bill is being transferred from Wakefield Pinderfields hospital to Dewsbury hospital ward 11 either this evening or during Tuesday morning. Andrew say Bill would welcome visitors.

We all send Bill our best wishes. Cede Nullis.

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