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Funeral of CSjt Stephen 'Smudge' Smith - 23 Nov 2017

CSjt Stephen 'Smudge' Smith late 2LI

Light Infantry veterans from around the country made the journey to Peterlee today to say farewell to fellow Light Infantryman and friend Stephen ‘Smudge’ Smith.

After a morning reunion in a Wetherspoons' near to the church the Light Infantry veterans joined Stephen’s daughters Tammy and Diana, family and friends in a packed church. Stephen’s coffin carried by his brothers and draped with The Light Infantry flag was led in by 3 Standard Bearers: Adi Waites from Leeds Branch; Colin Cranswick from Pontefract and the Peterlee Branch Standard.

During the church service Last Post and Reveille was sounded by Kev Fawcett and Colin Longstaff from the Lt Div & Rifles Veteran Buglers Association as the Standard Bearers dipped their Standards . After the church service this was repeated at the graveside as Stephen was buried with wife Pauline and the family dropped red roses into the grave.

At the wake in the Peterlee Central Club the reunions continued. Stephen's brothers and family thanked the Buglers, Standard Bearers and the Light Infantry veterans for making the journey to attend and the messages of support and condolences from everyone.

Rest in Peace Smudge the bugle has sounded No More Parades, your duty done rest in the FRV. Cede Nullis.

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