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Hand Carved KOYLI Bench Unveiling in Penistone

A phone call was received from a Barnsley based 'chainsaw sculptor' Stephen Tarr to say that he had just completed a KOYLI bench which will be unveiled on Remembrance Sunday in Penistone. It wasn't until the photographs were received that the true magnificence of his work could be appreciated.

View more images of the bench.

Stephen has supplied the following information about the source of the wood used and the inspiration for his work:

  • The oak tree at Lindhome Hall was approximately 700 years old...

  • the limb which the bench was made from was the only part of the tree left usable.

  • Counted 350 annual rings

  • half of the tree came down through old age because the centre had rotted out and the remaining tree had to be felled for safety.

  • Also the scots pine came from Lindhome hall as well it was about 150 years old this was used for the ends of the bench would like to say thank you to Lindhome hall

I converted the remaining tree into boards for a suitable bench baring in mind Lindhome Hall was a prisoner of war camp during 2nd world war. So when a number of years later I was asked to do a war memorial bench and it only seemed fitting to make it out of the tree which has stood in full vigour through a great number of years but now still lives on.

Any former KOYLI servicemen that can make it to Penistone for the unveiling please introduce yourself to Stephen, he would love to hear from you.


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