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KOYLI LI and RIFLES Veterans and Standards on Parade at Eden Camp

RIFLES LI & KOYLI Association Members at Eden Camp 2017

Association members from 4 of our 5 Association branches and guests from the Pontefract Branch of the Royal British Legion attended The All Services Parade and Remembrance Service at Eden Camp on 10 Sep 17. It is the second year running that the Association has attended and participated in the event which is the largest parade of Standards in the North of England.

Members enjoyed free admission to the museum, the numerous exhibitions which included some specifically there just for the event and a concert by the Yorkshire Volunteers Band.

The parade of Standards and Veterans led by the Yorkshire Volunteers Band marched through the camp to the Eden Camp Memorial for a Service of Remembrance in front of Veterans not able to march, families and members of the public.

Thank you to: Brian, Stephen and Colin, our Standard Bearers, for carrying the 3 Regimental Standards; and to each of the members that march in the parade of Veterans. I was great to see a sizeable number of rifle green blazers and berets together among those of the other Regimental Associations.

The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and especially by Robert Smith from Pontefract Branch for whom it was his first trip with the Association. I would like to thank everyone for the thank you emails and telephone calls that have received.

The trip the event will be run again next year. To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the removal of the KOYLI from the Order of Battle and the formation of the Light Infantry it would be good to see all our Branch Standards and huge body of Association members on parade.

RIFLES LI & KOYLI Association Members at Eden Camp 2017

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