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Roy Cooper, ex 1KOYLI Band

Roy passed away 28 Jul 16 with his funeral on 8 Aug 16 in Hull. Roy was born on 23 Apr 1929 at Queensbury, Bradford. As a boy he learned to play the trombone with Black Dyke Juniors.

On 10 May 1945 he joined 1KOYLI (Regt No. 4699905) at Berwick-On-Tweed as a band boy. Shortly after he went with the band to Minden, Germany where the Battalion were stationed. In 1947 he attended a course at the Royal Military School of Music (Kneller Hall). On completion of the course he re-joined the Battalion who were now serving in Malaya. The band returned to England in 1951 shortly after the band returned to Germany this time stationed in Berlin. Roy later went to Kenya with the Battalion and on his return to England he finally completed his Army service on 19 Mar 1956 with the rank of Cpl.

In civilian life Roy was a freelance musician playing for many of the stars of the day including Gene Pitney, Shirley Bassey and many others. He also taught trombone at schools in the Hull area. Roy continued to play the trombone until ill-health forced him to stop.

RIP Roy as you take your place with your band of brothers in the massed band in the heavens playing "Jockey to the Fair". Cede Nullis.

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