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Kenneth Smart, ex KOYLI

Kenneth Smart sadly passed away on 11 Aug 2016 aged 93. Kenneth joined the KOYLI in August 1941. Joined the 14th Army in Burma/Mandalay. He was promoted to WO2 and appoint CSM of HQ Company. Kenneth also served with the West York’s (P.O.W.) from 23-10-45 to 26-12-46 as a Weapons instructor and Battle School Instructor.

Kenneth had left very specific requests for his funeral service. One such request is to have the KOYLI Standard paraded and a bugler to sound Last Post. To fulfill the request the Wakefield Branch Standard, carried by Tim Humphreys, led the 93 RBL Standards at the service in Willerby, Beverly. Peter Bate sounded Last Post and Reveille at the service to fulfull the other request.

RIP Kenneth you will be greatly missed by those you served with. Cede Nullis.

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