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WO2 Charles Terence (SAS) SORE ex 2LI

LI Cap Badged

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that WO2 Charles Terence Sore, formerly 2LI, died in Colchester on 28 Feb 17, aged 62. Terry spent time with 8LI in Pontefract as SPSI with B Coy.

Our condolences to Terry's family from all the Association members and friends he made with 8LI. RIP Terry stand easy you've done your duty . Cede Nullis, Aucto Splendore Resurgo.

His Funeral Service took place on Wed 22 Mar 17 at 1145hrs at Colchester Crematorium, Mersea Road, Colchester CO2 8RU.

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