Minutes of Friends of the K.O.Y.L.I. Memorial Project
Held at Minden House Pontefract
11 July 2016

Meeting opened at 1210 hours by David Wroe (DW) and thanked the committee members present for attending:

Colin Cranswick (CC), Tim Humphreys (TH), Pete Shields (PS), Jim Anderson (JA), Percy Potts (PP)


Also in attendance:  Frank Lockwood (FL), Chris Backhouse (CB) and M Potts


Apologies received from Mick Peacock and Derek Searby.


Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted as a true representation of the meeting.

Proposed TH Seconded PS – Carried

1.      MATTERS ARISING.  The following items have arisen since the last meeting and will be covered in depth during the meeting:

1.1.   Meeting with Sculptor.  Changes to the statue were discussed and agreed.  Additional changes may be required but we are close to a true representation of a KOYLI soldier in Malaya.

2.      Marquette.  PP confirmed that the amendments suggested by TH have been accepted.  Another person has been contacting PP about other errors.

3.      Plinth.  DW confirmed the content for the 4 sides of the plinth have now been agreed.  TH asked who was going to verify the spellings and order of the campaigns.  PS said he would do this.

4.      Information Plinth.  DW suggested having a separate small information plinth next to the memorial.  This plinth would have inscribed upon it information and background on the memorial and on the front the KOYLI Collect.  All were in favour – Passed.

5.      Location.  DW confirmed that Doncaster Metropolitan Council have agreed to the memorial being located at the museum and a 100% in favour.

6.      Website.  DW asked CC to remove the minutes of previous meeting from the website.  CC explained the changes he has made to the Memorial webpage.  PP congratulation CC on an excellent site.  TH to give DW and CC dates for any street collections a month in advance.

7.      Database.  PP gave a breakdown of the type and number of organisations and media companies he has built up in the database.

8.      Unveiling Ceremony.  DW went over some of the major items that must be considered now in preparation for an unveiling ceremony e.g. Rifles Band, VIPs and Trustees, Standards, Buglers, seating and numbers.

9.      Look Ahead.  DW ask everyone to look ahead as to what needs to be done to maintain the fund raising momentum.  One event could be an auction of surplus Regimental property e.g. silver, crockery, pictures and furniture.  Branches to be encourage to hold fund raising events.  Maximise the use of Social Media.

10.  Next meeting.  Next meeting to be notified later.

11.  Meeting closed.  Meeting closed at 12.48 hrs.



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