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Gentlemen, Families, Friends and Associates of the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.  Today we are launching a campaign to provide a fitting Memorial Statue to The Regiment which will include all who served in it and those who died in its service.


In 1968 the Regiment was taken out of the Active Service list. The K.O.Y.L.I took part in the Peninsula, Napoleonic and Boer Wars where our first VC was won. 16 Battalions served in WW1 and a further 8 VC’s were awarded, but tragically 9447 of our best gave the ultimate sacrifice; thereafter followed the battlefields of WW2, the emergencies in Malaya, Kenya, Cyprus, Borneo, Sarawak and Aden where Yorkshiremen rallied to the Bugle Call.


Yet despite such sterling service, no dedicated Memorial to The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry exists.


The aim of the KOYLI Memorial Appeal Fund is to provide a just and fitting Memorial to our proud Yorkshire heritage. The Memorial will be sited in Doncaster which will ensure full and permanent exposure and reflect our Regimental connection. The Memorial will take the form of a bronze statue on a Yorkshire Stone plinth with suitable inscriptions on all sides.


Our target date for the unveiling ceremony is 1st August 2018, this being 50 years after the KOYLI name was consigned to the history books.  We must ensure our proud heritage is known and we are determined that future generations should know of our past and the sacrifices made by the Regiment.


The Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council are fully behind our preference that the memorial be sited adjacent to our Regimental Museum.  It will surely be a place where those who served, their descendants, friends and families can visit and reflect on their family’s part in our loyal history.


Our costs are, in the region of £105,250, less any unveiling ceremony costs.  An ambitious goal; but we believe achievable. The project cannot start until we have raised £25,000. We have 13 months in which to achieve that target. The KOYLI Association Trustees have agreed to release a further £75,000 once we achieve this initial total.


We therefore earnestly appeal for your support and generosity by making a donation to the project, great or small. A specially bound book available for public viewing will be located in the KOYLI Museum in Doncaster listing the names of every donor.


I have attached the necessary forms to this letter to enable you to subscribe if you wish.


Thank you for your consideration.



Major David Wroe MBE, DL


KOYLI Memorial Appeal

A “Yorkshire Memorial” for the
Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Update on the KOYLI memorial project

As Project leader I am pleased to report that at last things are beginning to move along and by now, many of those visiting our site will have seen a picture of the proposed memorial we are commissioning to celebrate the KOYLI.  It should be remembered that it is not a “War Memorial” where names are inscribed to remember the fallen.   Rather, It is a memorial to a great Regiment and will show its History, Battle Honours, VCs and its lineage.


Memorial:  Shown here is a picture of the latest Sculptors Marquette/Model. It should be remembered that what is shown is how he sees our Memorial, based upon our original requirements, which was that it be different from what has been produced in the past. That he base the statue upon a 1960s KOYLI Soldier in the Malayan emergency, and evoke movement into the statue.  Since he produced this, we have asked for several changes to be made based on comments from a number of former KOYLI Soldiers including: extra water bottle, a more “used appearance to his hat, his webbing, his pockets etc as  he looks to “Parade Ground” smart. A wrist watch, First Field dressing, a more aggressive face, and even to place his finger along the trigger guard and not on the trigger, more vegetation around his feet etc. 


On the whole it looks as though it will in the end replicate what we want, a memorial to the KOYLI that says “ we were the best and we were the KOYLI”  from this point forward the sculptor will produce enhanced and amended models for further our approval.  I will update this page as and when the latest design is produced. 


Location:  We await the decision of Doncaster Council as to whether they will allow the positioning of the memorial at our Museum in Doncaster.


Donations: We are making good progress with regards to potential donors from individuals, businesses, charitable organisations and others, our donations wizard Percy Potts has sought out over 1200 potential sources of income, realistically not everyone will donate but we do expect a good number to respond positively.  Donors will be able to donate in various ways and all will be confirmed in the very near future, I will also include forms for a Monthly amount payment for those who would prefer to pay by that means.


I will be asking for Branch Volunteers dressed in blazers, berets “n” medals to “shake the bucket” under our new Memorial Banner Kindly donated by Tim Humphries in certain town centres from Jul to Oct.  Further details of dates and locations will follow once towns have been Booked.

If you wish to assist the committee or project in any capacity please make contact through the Pontefract Office, we can always make use of helpers.


Cede Nullis


Dave Wroe


Artist Drawing of the Proposed Statue and Plinth for the
New KOYLI Memorial


Members of the Association, with support of the Association Trustees, are raising funds to commission and erect in Yorkshire a memorial to all those who served in Yorkshire's most famous Regiment The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.  The memorial will hopefully be located across from Doncaster Museum which has a wing dedicated to the Regiment.


Locating the memorial in Yorkshire will make it easier for the surviving former members and the relatives of those who served in The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry to visit the memorial without having to travel outside of the county where the Regiment was raised.  The memorial will consist of a statue of a KOYLI soldier dressed in jungle dress from the Borneo campaign and carrying a weapon of the day.  The statue will stand on a 4 or 5 sided plinth bearing a dedication to the Regiment, the Regiments Battle Honours and the names of the Victoria Cross recepients.


The date the Association is aiming for to hold a dedication ceremony for the memorial in July or August 2018.  This will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Regiment being removed from the order of battle when the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry became the 2nd Battalion The Light Infantry.


Donations have started to be received for which the Association is grateful.  However to raised the total amount required by the target date is going to be a challenge.   To make it easy to donate the details of an online donation site will shortly be released.  There will also be a dedicated Memorial Website to give updates on how the fund raising is doing and details of fund raising events.